Mix and Match

Today’s modern interiors mean more than just hard edged, clean lined, minimalist furniture. People are now mixing and matching furniture and styles to complete their interiors. Mixing of colors, fabrics, woods, metals, modern and antique is acceptable, and matching all your pieces is not.  This eclectic style is becoming more popular and to execute it properly, certain steps should be followed.

You should evaluate the furniture you already have and decide what you need to make your space more functional and fashionable. It is totally acceptable to keep grandma’s antique cocktail table and pair it with a new modern sofa, however there are a few key things to keep in mind while doing this. Make sure wood finishes blend, keeping some cohesion will ensure that the items will work together.  It is totally acceptable to mix a dark wood with natural walnut, as the dark will pull out the graining in the walnut. You wouldn’t want to mix a light and a dark wood finish, as the contrast will be too harsh.

Mixing furniture is also a way to add your own personal style to your décor.  You can certainly mix an all wood table with all leather chairs, or a metal table with wooden chairs, again, in complimentary colors so that it will all blend.  A cool way to spice up that antique dining table Aunt Edna left you, is to pair it with a bright colored, ultra modern plastic chair and a modern chandelier-Totally amazing look.

You can also mix fabrics and colors which is another fun way to add whimsy to your interior. Mixing stripes, solids and patterns not only adds interest but also texture. You can mix leathers and fabrics together for a nice warm look in your living room. Having everything in the same finish can be a little outdated, and cold in leather. Mixing it up, or in today’s slang, mashing it up-creates a more inviting, comfortable living space. Try it and you will see just how amazing your style transformation will be!

Kerry Sofa by Calligaris

Modern living rooms today are clean, simple and fairly timeless. Choosing the right elements can be a tough task, but if you start with the sofa—most everything else will fall into place. The Kerry sofa by Calligaris is a perfect example of a timeless, simple design. It comes in many configurations depending on your personal needs and space. It is also available to quick ship in a limited fabric and leg selections. If you are willing to wait, you can choose from may fabrics to give your living room a more customized look. The simple lines of Kerry make it easy to find accompanying items to start decorating your modern living room.